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Common mistakes in India eVisa application

Completing India eVisa application form sometimes can be a bit hassle and easy mistake-making. However, applicants can find the useful information below to avoid the common mistake when applying for India visa:

1. Incorrect name: Applicant must put the correct FULL NAME on passport, but sometimes middle name is left out. Therefore, please remember to indicate your FULL NAME ON PASSPORT.

2. Incorrect time: There are a lot of kinds of time that need putting in India visa application form. The mistake with the time will cause big troubles since it is cannot be corrected.

3. Incorrect gender: it is also a common mistake that might trouble the trip to India

4. Incorrect passport number: This detail is extremely important information and commonly made wrong by enter wrong number or left-out number(s).

5. Incorrect nationality: mainly caused by the wrong click on next nation instead of choosing the correct nationality.

How can India visa applicants avoid these mistakes?

Visa applicant should be careful to fill in the information. For the full name, applicants are encouraged to fill in FULL NAME at both contact information and applicant’s details. Beside, it is crucially important that the applicant(s) double check the visa application comprehensively before confirming to finish India online visa application form. Finally, we strongly advised customers to contact us as soon as possible via both email and phone to report if there is any mistake.

We do hope that with the above notice we can help to ease the process of applying for India e-Visa.

Have questions about India eVisa, India visa online or India vacations? Kindly email us at or call +84.903.278.853.

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