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8 useful things for getting India visa

To avoid the complication of entry procedure and help travelers feel more comfortable for getting India visa, we have compiled a list of India visa tips for your consideration. Following these small tips will not only save you time but also save you from a potential headache.

1. It is never too soon to get a visa.

Experienced fellow travelers to India have passed down this often overlooked tip to newcomers. It is recommended that one should commence the process at least 4 working days prior to their departure. Getting a visa to India is basically an administrative procedure and you will never know how lengthy and unexpected it can be. The quickest way to obtain an India visa is to apply online.

2. Keep yourself up-to-dated with India visa regulations.

Prior to your trip, check the India government website for any change in India visa regulations. Changes in fees and documents should be taken into account as they can cause your trouble and slow down the timeline of your plan.

3. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least the next 6 months, with enough space for visa sticker.

If your original passport isn’t valid for 6 months before your arrival date, you DO NEED to ask for a new one before traveling. If not, we are afraid that you will have some trouble for entering India.

Your India visa will be stamped in your passport as a sticker in a blank page. In case your passport all out of blank page, a new passport should be prepare to stamp your India visa

4. Get to know India visa on arrival - eVisa.

So you may have heard about this type of visa to India several times before and everyone is claiming how easy it is. As the name suggests, it’s simply a visa that you pick up upon arrival. But WITH strings attached! You cannot suddenly show up at the airport and demand for your visa on arrival.

India eVisa  only works if you have an India visa approval letter in hand before traveling/getting on board. It means you should choose a reliable website to apply online for getting it as you cannot get it by yourself. This is how it works:

  • Fill in India visa online application (via a visa agent)
  • Pay service fee
  • Receive India visa approval letter from the agent
  • Print it out to pick up India visa at arrival airport.

eVisa India is used for AIR and SEA travelers only. It can be picked up at  27 designated international ports. It is not applicable to those entering India by other means of transport.

For further information regarding India eVisa, please read this article.

To apply for an India visa on arrival right now, please click here.

5. Fill in your information correctly.

Make sure that the information you fill in all required India visa application forms are correct and the same as in your passport. Spelling or typo mistakes can cause unwanted trouble at the Immigration Counter at the airport. Anyway, this is exactly why you should let a travel agent do India visa for you. Should anything go wrong, their people will be right at the airport to help.

6. Beware of the arrival date.

The time you are allowed to stay in India is clearly stated on the visa sticker. If you use India visa on arrival - eVisa, it will be stated on the visa approval letter. You can enter India within the cited period but not earlier.

7. Extend your visa.

India eVisa is non-extendable so you should be sure to leave India latest on the date of expiry of your visa stamp.

8. Find a trustworthy visa agent

Amongst hundreds of websites offering visa service (many of which might be scams), to find a reliable agent with affordable price is not easy. To avoid a rip-off, compare prices between different agents because they can vary greatly. Other than that, there is no better way than call/ email/ chat with them directly to check their service.

Our hotline numbers are +84.903.278.853 or Email us at for more information. APPLY WITH US FOR THE BEST PRICE AND SERVICE!

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